San Pedro Property Owners’ Alliance

The San Pedro Historic Waterfront Business Improvement District (PBID) is a property-based business improvement district. Property owners, including both public and private sectors, within the PBID boundaries are assessed annually for services provided by the PBID.

These services include public safety ambassadors, street sweeping, sidewalk and alley cleaning, graffiti removal, and tree trimming. Additionally, the PBID will develop and implement projects for the benefit of its stakeholders that include streetscape and alley lighting enhancement, beautification and infrastructure remediation. Marketing, public and community relations are continuous activities that support the District’s economic and business development goals.

The property owners within the PBID area are referred to as stakeholders. All activities and capital investments made by the PBID are required to be made solely for the benefit of the PBID’s stakeholders and to encourage economic vitality.

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